Monday, July 05, 2010 gift

remember my each individual is crafted unique for the swap a couple of weeks ago?  i bought most of the images i used on sunday's best and some of the blue / pink lollipop journaling spots from cassi's creations on etsy.  my first etsy buy.  i spent a few days creating my swap.  after that, since i was down with asthma, there's nothing much i can do for the rest of the days until the gathering.  i started browsing and learned that cassi's creations owner cassandra vancuren has a blog, my artful adventure.  my beauty...i went on an adventure trip on her enchanted blog.  she is the dame of vintage whimsical shabby.  had i found her before the swap, perhaps i would have done something totally different.  i visit her beautiful blog often and on 1 happy trip, i stumbled upon this...

i couldn't resist on leaving her note.  little that i know, it was a post in which she added a gift for her 200th post—which i just learned today because today, when i visited her, i found...

i couldn't believe what i see!  i have another!  you  probably couldn't believe it either!  when celine notified me that i won her kit, i fortunate, this chance will only come once, and never again no matter how many times i visit blogs...and here i win another without me knowing.

i have been forever thankful with my bountiful blessed life of unplanned journeys with endless blessings only known by my heart of heart...just like today. is beautiful and full of wonders.

pleasure is spread through the earth
in stray gifts to be claimed by whoever shall find
~william wordsworth

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Ria said...

My, oh my.
You must have been thinking and doing all good things last week that nothing can block all the good things that come back to you! :))

That fast, eh?
You believe that now?