Monday, December 26, 2011

joy to the world...and

merry christmas!  i had our traditional christmas eve festive; family, santa, presents, carols, church and all with the clan. haven't had the chance to look at the pictures though.

before i pack up for the holiday trip (which is tomorrow), i'd like to present my most likely be first 2012 workshop.

tropical travelogue...of course!—growing up being an island girl myself— shaped after my g12 camera.  well, sort of!

i noticed on my last trip to the island that the brass window handles in the bedroom had turned patina.  as a matter of fact, anything metal exposed that close to the open sea would oxidized sooner than later. so that's that...patina or rust.

almost, but noticeably not quite done, still waiting a few stuff to come in.  rather bulky i must say.

my sea and sandy beach page.

this highly dynamic album is packed with folds, pockets, pull outs...

pop ups...

flips, flaps...

and the significant swivel screen!  i upgraded my g11 to g12 just for this feature, so it's a must in here.

so they say, jewel comes in little package. this case, not so little.  i can promise you, this is a hybrid scrapbook like no others.  warning ahead: compulsory meticulous efforts.  the almighty didn't create  water-sand and flora-fauna at the same day...lest i—thus this is a 2 days workshop of cutting, pasting, kneading, baking, smearing, painting, scraping.

i'll finish up after the holiday; details are most likely on my facebook by the 1st week of 2012. 

i wish the world a joyous holiday; and a merry kissmax (from you know who).  see you in wonderful 2012.

Monday, October 24, 2011

impromptu tea party v.2

impromptu tea party

based on
alice in wonderland and looking through the glass
by lewis carroll and tim burton

a book by
colette wibisono

upon a visit to a friend's house, we decided to play dress up... wonderlanding major style;  impromptu without much thinking and preparation, picking up what's in the closet.

here's the second version i made.  the first—more fun, less pages—is almost but never quite done yet. giant spider,

 this tome has 18 signatures 64 pages all in all.  the spine is about 4" thick.  it's a solid binding.



the potion bottle, cheshire and the tree....

that little heart locket opens to a mini tiny tweedles pop-up.

 opening title...

this window opens to a tunnel of see through pages.

i intended to make this like a storybook in it's own right, so i used real pages from disney's alice in wonderland based on tim burton's sceenplay.

half of the tome is either full page photos, double spread photos or chapters and pages from the storybook. 

just have to include this flying cards based on robert sabuda's version.

all quotes are based on the movie.

the end credits—even.

directed and produced by
colette wibisono

alice kingsley    naomi dame
           mad hatter    colette wibisono
        red queen    desiree pojoh
       cheshire cat    atrey moniarga
           march hare    max (not shown)
                               stayne-knave of hearts    no show                 
                                                        flower face    no show

director of photography
atrey moniarga and bernard napitupulu
costumes and make-up
 naomi dame and desiree pojoh

atrey moniarga and colette wibisono

visuals and props
graphics 45, ranger ink, 7 gypsies, embelliscrap, fimo, grafix, kaiser craft, basic grey, american craft, webster's pages, bo bunny,  artquest, canson, amaco, golden, staz on, tattered angels, tsukineko, maya road
various from etsy, ebay, ashlee, personal collection

two peas in a bucket gallery on october 25, 2011

Sunday, August 07, 2011


around the world collection by k & company wasn't expected.  at first i thought it's a beach theme collection.  i wanted to do a small luggage album.  loving the full release, i needed a bigger room to fit everything.

it was run as classes for msi.

first in bandung,

then jakarta,


back to jakarta.

a detailed tutorial of more than 60 pages and close to 300 photos is available on my etsy: travelogue.  thanking everyone for the interest.

fun world carousel

the moment i saw funhouse collection from g.c.d. studios, one certainty came to mind: a circular tent carousel album...finally.

as it turns out, hiding a 3 inch spine was effortless.

grace of msi asked if i would do a class for surabaya and agreed to bring in funhouse as one of the projects, might as well.

enjoy the show....

i had to borrow moira's pictures for the class sample album.  my version has a more ambitious title; the greatest show on earth.  it's photoless completed.  sitting nicely waiting for me to scan old pictures from 8 different albums piling on my study floor.

jakarta ladies

surabaya ladies

jakarta ladies again

the carousel hit most views, bookmarked and liked on two peas gallery  august 8, 2011.