Monday, September 27, 2010

ode to my childhood

christine wanted to do an album using webster's pages lullaby lane.  together with lia and mieke, we chose this as our first collaborative project.  because of the long eid holiday, we didn't actually get to sit and do the album together as planned.  i don't know if i'm loving this project in the beginning.  mainly, because i didn't have lullaby lane collection to begin with.  it's like going to a war bare handed with no ammo.  frankly, i'm quite burned out with the pop-ups thingy.  i adore the idea of taking a glimpse to my childhood pictures though.  so here's my take...pretty much overdone.

lia picked out the 7 gypsies book cover.  to give it the simple grandeur of an antique tooled leather bound book, i use melody ross's chip art alphabet stamps; and treated the cover with medium gel, tim holtz' alcohol inks and adirondack color wash.

it's been decided from the beginning that we wanted coptic binding.  i haven't done any coptic binding since the academy days, so i thank christine for refreshing the memory of how to start it.  because this is a patchwork album, we didn't get to notice that it's not actually a suitable binding for the project.

at the end, we managed...of course!...sort of... ;)

the album has 6 main signatures, individually tied up with a ribbon.  i didn't like the plain bazzill linen cardstock as is.  so i scored the edges to give it a more fabric feel—corduroy like almost,  used stamps on the background paper to give it texture and storybook touch and black stamps on white cardstock to tone it down.

untied, each page opened up to a smaller insertion. i use pages from storybook, hambly screen print frames, distress ink, stamps,

 various k & company ephemeras.

 we ended up using all papers from garden gala collection and a few of postcards from paris as well.

on all main inside panels, i attached wall to wall photos and  scraped the edges to white.

the left panel is quite tacky.  i will probably take that off and change it.

giselle, my cousin and chidhood kindred spirit.

i make sure all pages opens up flat, even those with the pop-ups.


what could be such a big secret at the age of 2? hahaha....

i will probably come back to this page and add a little picture on the left panel.

my mom took over christmas galas ever since my grandparents moved back to france right after she got married and we've been having family over christmas eve dinner ever since.

this page definitely need a photo.

christine loves hot air balloons.  we're repeating what we did for her sassasfras anthem cover on this page using some parisian ones.

that lonely quote needs another homepage, a few more photos insert and voila! 

mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
be it ever so humble, there's no place like home;
~ "home!  sweet home!" by henry bishop

this project is featured on two peas in a bucket and voted as #1 on the top views, liked and bookmarked on september 28, 2010.  it's like a golden grand slam in tennis and i'm a happy scrapper!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

beautiful mind

while waiting for all the pictures to upload on earlier post, i made this quickie petite moi frame using assorted prima flowers.  i found the old black & white negative series, scanned and cleaned it up a bit and printed it on canvas.

what's more beautiful than the mind of a child....

portrait of a lady

i redid the life portrait carousel album from a workshop i gave last month.  when the mock up was done, i figured to perfected the binding and thought i would also make one for myself.

 second picture is the revamped binding with internal spine to reinforce support

originally i was going to put my younger days pictures.  then, my mother's best friend of more than 50 years is asking me to help her collect old family pictures.  she's making a video memoir for my mother's birthday present in november.  as i was looking at those vintage pictures, i immediately decided to use some of them for this carousel album instead.

i use mostly webster's pages' life's portrait papers and use punches and shape scissors to build the album and embellishments. on the revamped version, i made some minor changes on the inside...just because.  



 top view

page 1

a short path in an  abounding life journey of an amazing lady...

 page 2

 a life so full, the tale has no end in the telling of it...

page 3

here is recorded some snapshots of the only lady i've always admired...

 page 4

 my mother.

page 5

the weather hasn't been kind and i couldn't get the right natural light for the pictures.  so i took the detail page shots with no justice still.


owkay...insisted by my uncle, she wi-fied the house.  she's internet illiterate still.  i'm off to show her this on her ipad.  good lord!