Monday, August 23, 2010

wonderwork of lia

i passed my swap project with lia a couple of weeks ago and i'm going to show you what she gave me last saturday during our crafting day.  being a darling she is, lia learned that i love alice in wonderland and she ordered, borrowed, stole alice stuff and created this wonderful alice inspired wonderwork for me.  

words can not begin to explain how thrilled i was.  i was in such awe that i couldn't do anything else that day.  imagine the hard work she put into it—sleepless nights, called in sick, hours and hours of picture editing.  

lia is the distressing diva—our very own tim holtz meets suze weinberg.  those charms look familiar, thanks know i love those!

she came late to our usual place which is a walking distance from where she lives. christine, our partner-in-craft—who helped with the stitching and the binding—said that either she must be still making sure everything sticks or overslept from sleepless nights.

every page is thoughtfully tied up with a ribbon...

and it opens up to another page which i'm to fill with my own story.

the cards soldiers turn journaling cards...

"open me" insert...

pop up alice and the queen of heart, which many people confused with the red queen from "looking through the glass"...

the white rabbit and the pocket watch of course—now we know who is our white rabbit in charge of timing and scheduling...hahahha...

i wonder what was that pin before it turned into the red queen's scepter.  looks like we're ready to steampunk the steampunk!

we were so deliriously happy, we forgot to take pictures.  thanks to our ever so thoughtful and organized christine for remembering and hurriedly grabbed her huge camera and sent this to me—edited too.

i sure will finish this album in the near future between our other projects.  for now i will just savor it and put it in save keeping before mr you know who take a taste of it.   now, off you go to lia's sanctuary!

Monday, August 16, 2010

a journey with merdrey

i went to say hi to merdreypapermarket's designer/instructor, who's been very kind in helping me with my mail orders.  she told me about the classes she teaches and showed me her fabulous projects.  on my last night, i made it to her journey class.

journey of a thousand miles

we altered a wooden stamp box and made it into a weathered trunk.  merdrey said she looked up on vintage louis vuitton's trunk when she designed it.  gorgeous!  


merdrey carried the class at ease and we chatted through, because only me and claire showed up.  i really enjoyed it.  i told myself, i will be back for more of her classes every time i go to singapore.

i love the detailing and told her, i will come home and start utee-ing all my stuff...hahhahaa....

we get to see it finished way before time and she let me dig the new arrival which wasn't displayed yet.  like i said, she's a sweetheart and every one who have met her would have said so.

she said we should take a picture togetther.  i didn't bring my camera and the shot from my cellular didn't do justice.  i'm waiting for her to send me the picture she took with her camera and introduce those of you who haven't met her.
thank you merdrey and i'll see you again soon.

additional picture ~ august 19, 2010  

told ya merdrey is the sweetest gal.  she sent me this picture and helped me pick up more new arrivals at papermarket this week.  i literally stopped what i was making so i can use the new batch on the project.  will show it next week.

Friday, August 13, 2010

showing off some of my recent scrapbooking haul

i'm back and i'm going to blog with vengeance...ha! the physical overhaul wasn't quite successful, so i thought about the arts and crafts haul.  in short, i have half a luggage of max' & co stuff.  another luggage is scraping and beyond stuff of course.

i actually have ordered graphic 45's alice and steampunk, but i couldn't resist when i saw them firsthand. also some of the older batch.  i'm liking this company, although i never made anything with them yet.

 i saw these my mind's eye collections on the afternoon i was leaving back.  of course i planned the trip back on a thursday because that's the day made with love weekly new arrival are displayed.  i love these classy glittery collections.

more papers...

stamps and stuff...

thickers, sassasfrass' alphabets which i've been looking for a while now, and melody ross' alphabet stamps from gcd studio.  don't everyone have more thickers than they can use and still keep buying for more.

some prima, wools and stuff...

7 gypsies, tim holtz, maya road, studio calico, ....

alcohol inks, utee, stamps, embossing stuff, glue, glimmer mist, clearly pearl, dabber paint, some tools and ranger's stuff....

you bet i have more...but  i'm tired of unpacking them now.

laine's and papermarket was having promo of 45% off for punches.  although i don't use them much, but couldn't resist the deal.  i also got lots of 40% off coupons.  first from their make and take and from my first day shopping spree.  i also picked a few of somerset magazines.  they're about the only craft magazies i consider worth buying these days.  

the rest are polymer stuff—molds, studio sculpey and et cetera.  canvas, frames, lots and lots of pewter and copper charms, cameos and kin—thanks to my mother for pointing them out for me.

i don't think my niece was too happy when i gave her a few bags of max' goodies to bring back home before she could even said hi to me.  i'm pretty sure i couldn't fit a single needle more in my mom's or my suitcases by the time we're leaving back home.

for a person who doesn't actually scrap that much, i think i'm quite a scrapshopaholic.  my mom said that i have more than enough knickknacks.  she has no idea!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

gone on a trip, be back soon

i'll be away on a trip for a fortnight.  if i have the chance, i'll be sending some postcards, otherwise i'll be back with some projects made from kits i bought from a french lady.  be well everyone!