Wednesday, April 10, 2013

now on etsy

so i just started an etsy shop today.  i have 1 item listed in the shop.  hahaha...  etsy recommended 8 to begin with.  in time...hopefully.

for all international ladies who have written to me regarding online classes, let's begin with a written tutorial. 

more than 60 pages and close to 300 pictures, i have put by best effort in writing this travelogue tutorial as thorough as it possibly can. enjoy the journey.

holtzing major style

i received a few emails during the week that call me in....i haven't been here in a while.  i've been scrapping diligently though; just haven't got the right time to take photos yet.

sometime last week, i paid some of my unfinished projects a visit and i realized that i've been tim holtzing major style.  i suppose i'm one of those late bloomer not in the know that actually tim holtz' papers are very much scrap-able.

so here they comes...

the wardrobe, the paperbag and the travelogue.

the wardrobe looks like nothing much yet.  i can tell you that it's finished with various mediums over paper and chipboard presenting antique wood, leather and reptile textures.  i thought i have the inside mapped out, so my ambition in the next few days or weeks is to showcase this piece.  well, that's the thought.

i paid many hours into this paperbag album, yet none of the details i foresaw is showing yet.  i suppose the only way to finish it is by using it.  that will take an eon.  i think by the time i'm finished (and i will), the random memory will be my longest running album in the making.  but i love the idea, so much so that if this is going to be the only project i'm doing for the rest of the year, it will be worth the time and effort.  someday, i shall share it.

it's back!  this travelogue is a prototype of a class i ran last week. the longest running class ever; 12 hours.  i sort of remembered that the last travelogue was always long and tiring, so i knew this one was going to be a long class with the added features and larger than expected group.  what i didn't remember was...oh well, i don't remember many things these days. i was so lethargic that i thought...well never mind what i thought then.  in fact, today...5 days later, i still feel the fatigue.  it's best blame my hypoglycaemia and anemia, which i stop recalling which type specifically because apparently there's nothing i can do about it.

i took 1 shot of the class and that was it.  if you've been to my workshop, you know how messy the place is. that day by the time we're leaving i'm surprised how clean all the tables were.  there was no trace that i've been there running a class.  come to think of it, i figured it's because we're not using any mediums that day.  how i miss making a project without using any mediums (by means paint and all), but just paper..lots of paper cutting and glue.  

i thought i could reproduce this travelogue with my eyes closed—figuratively speaking.  then i failed the attempt of reproducing another one before the class.  perhaps it's just in my mind, but the paper sequence wasn't right and i don't have enough in the stash of what i wanted to use without cheating—meaning taking from another stash—which i knew wouldn't work  either because then it becomes repetitive.  alright enough with that dilemma.  let's just say that i didn't bring enough metal parts home from the workshop.

anyway, if you're still reading this and you're one of those who have written to me regarding online classes.  i have a news.  i have written a thorough instruction, over 60 pages that is,  for the travelogue using the k & company's around the world collection.  not that the paper matters; i also include the photos of this version.
i should be able to make it ready this week.

since i've taken a few more photos of other projects i'm working on, i might as well share them.


i bound 6 of these journal books in 1 sitting over an episode of tv series, but jazzing it up takes forever. not the actual working on it time, but going back and forth getting the mediums and looking for the parts, and "the putting them back in place" time.

i didn't make this fabric album.  a friend made it and gave it to me.  she wants me to finish it and i haven't got the chance to work on it yet.

kathy's camera.  i didn't do justice to this camera.  another one i'd like to work on soon.

alright, that's it for now.  long day tomorrow, i better start my daily rituals and get some sleep.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

memento revisited

staring at my memento on the shelf, i rather felt it wasn't quite there yet.  visually it didn't speak what's in the mind.  so i played with it a bit today.

and there she is...

the images behind the mother of pearl frame embedded fragments of thought. i wanted to rivet it, but wasn't sure if i would break the delicate frame.  stripped from her garments, i moved the wings behind the charlotte which make is more like the winged victory or guardian angel if you will. she's carrying an insignia of the tree of life.  it is fashioned like an ancient coin/medal; i made it with clay.  so the pure heart/sacred heart is bound on the side with a couple more charms; mi casa milagro and the way of life.  on another strand is the coiled lily of the valley which i really like.

so now they stood regally side by side; wishing the world a wonderful 2013.