Thursday, July 26, 2012

antique store ~ sharon's class

another marvelous class of sharon ngoo's of papermarket singapore, i'm fortunate to join last week.  this time, we're building an antique store from scratch.  when i first saw the real model, i was surprised at how huge the box was.  despite of just leaving with only the four walled box, i'm hooked on building and filling it up for the past 2 days.

with some reinforcement placed in the constructions i could basically flip this box upside down without anything falling off .

i have a few concepts for structural assemblages which i was going to incorporate here, on a second thought...another time.  i'm working on this as is.

i almost added stuff on the side walls, the roof and the back of the store, but i'll keep the imaginations alive until it needs to be...perhaps more fixtures on one side, a hanging mini album on the other and something flat on the back, a mural?  i went ahead to prep it with plaster to create the water and weather damaged wall.  anyway if i left it be, it would look more finished.

here's my lantern.  i could go on and on adding fixtures to this shop #7. 

from the itouch pictures, i couldn't quite figured the papers on this door.  it looked like barb wire to me so i found this hambly and happy with it.  i happened to have some left over materials from the soliloquy class, so i added a pocket of posters and polaroids for later use. part of the reason i stopped working on it in the class was because i thought i was going to change the papers since i already worked on with prima almanac before.  i didn't remember that when i got home and got carried away working on it.

the exact peek that i saw on the sneak photo.  i fell in love with the green door and the "etched" glass window; and of course the "sound" of an antique shop.

voila!  the shop is now open!

it's intentionally crowded.  have you seen an antique shop which is not?  there are more gadgets i'd like to add on, which i haven't and might or might not.

i didn't see the crooked roof when i took the picture.  that shouldn't be and could be easily fixed.

in my shop, i installed drapery and foyer tabl,

a couple of hanging dress tags and a mini album.

how brilliant of sharon!  the counter also served perfectly as a mini book shelter.  i have that supposedly crystal chandelier to secure it, which i can unscrew to take the album out.

this is how the shop looks like when it's open for business.  i took a great care of not attaching too many miniature, so they're not over powering the altered fixtures.

next to that bell counter, i could have put this miniature cash register that i have and move the dial phone next to it and fill the spot with a weighing scale, a miniature typewriter...i'm just saying.

it could have been a real miniature pink umbrella (which is corny imho), but i love that altered umbrella so that's out of the question.

delightful counter top isn't it.

look at that grand father clock and the cupboard door.  i wouldn't think of assembling it myself.

these are shopping boxes and bags.  the only one that's removable is that round bag at the back.  it opens up to a locket.  i saw sharon's graphics 45 curiosity cabinet closet in the classroom.  she has a round box which i copied here, but i assume hers opens up since it's a bigger tin container.

the cupboard stored another mini booklet.  it's not visible on the photos but i have the same white apothecaries silhouette, hambly of course, behind the counter's shelves.  i'm fond of what barely there details serve.  functionally, they binds the objects and adds depth/texture; emotionally, they left footprints of more to the story; aesthetically, they gives the contentment of creating a quality piece.

so, all in all i have 4 mini books in this shop.  unless otherwise i decide to add more when i fill them up,

and 2 hang tags.  those are probably the only detachable objects in my shop.  oh...and the umbrella of course and the front door insertions.

i'm not a fan of ring binding, so i tied a few scraps of leftover papers in various sizes and assembled this book real quick;

attached danglings on the hanging threads,

and flips and flaps...the usual.

on the hanging mini, the bottle is actually the spine of the booklet.

thus is my antique shop.  this might be the end of it or i might build some more attachments later.  hope everyone enjoy the tour.  now, i'm off to do some sewing and hammering on my not ordinary photo album.