Tuesday, January 31, 2012

r.a.k. in favor of the one man spanish armada

in the spirit of rooting for the spaniard rafael nadal on australian open, i pledged to give away a mini book for his win. he fought an epic battle like only the one man spanish armada could.  the match ended on the count when the momentum wasn't on his favor.  in his honor, we—his die heart devotee—joined him in taking it as the best of sport could.  rafa will get the next one and the many more to come, vamos!

anyone has a chance in owning this journal; the rule is you just have to want it.

leave me a note and i will choose who this journal goes to on february 17th, 2012.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

what else...what else...

winter 2012 release which motivated me so far...

7 gypsies trousseau

on 7 gypsies preview i knew there and then that trousseau collection won my heart this season.  in fact, i can see vividly what i'm going to do down to the details  as soon as i get my hands on the set.  awesome!

as for the antiquaries postale, i hope i can make it to singapore when sharon does the class. 

october afternoon cakewalk

october afternoon has never failed my fondness.  there's something about its constancy retro, archetypal honesty, conventional everyday life which brings back childhood happiness at its utmost.  if i were to describe it in 2 words, it "genuinely clicks". 

i'll throw a bash on this cakewalk.

october afternoon 9 to 5

although i don't think i've ever had a 9 to 5 or a desk job, 9 to 5 is a must have.  it will serve a story of mine well.

graphic 45 little darling

maybe there will be one happy mother to be.

glitz french kiss

 check out that album cover.

tim holtz ideology

tim holtz is a household brand in this art.  each shopping list wouldn't be complete without each ideology; in this case, a few of those pulley wheels, clock keys, faucet knobs and every thing else in the collection.

these can't be it.  this is a short list on a short day trip.  there must be more to pile up. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

vodka, fleas and tetanus

a couple of things get me excited tonight.  i perfected my 5 minutes penne with crustacean in pink sauce which i've been cooking and eating for dinner the past 3 nights.  creamy pasta is my delicacy indulgence given that i tried giving up consuming mammals.  that would be since the new year minus the night i accidentally swallowed a slice of black pepper beef last week.

i was watching a crappy dvd i do not recall the title nor care to find out and landed on an interesting piece of information.  without further ado...i signed demeng's artlab #3 workshop:  crusted, crumbled, cracked

that's productive!  ;)

Thursday, January 05, 2012

wild sacred heart

modernism has its pitfalls. it comes with ayn rand and karen armstrong whose philosophy i could argue endlessly; pollution and internet.  i remember nights before modernism blatantly robbed my favorite nocturnal pastime; watching the constellations in the sky and counting the stars, musing.  nowadays, i do after midnight online shopping.  in one of my shopping spree excursion, i came across a barbed wired heart necklace.  it reminded me of the sacred heart of jesus; which then reminded me of the bronze sacred heart and immaculate heart which i wait-listed and bought a while back.  i checked a few things so i can ensemble them into a scapular. right before checking out, i threw in the black swarovski wild heart pendant; the beauty of online shopping...everything is just a few clicks away.

last night while waiting for lethargy to kick in and pilgrim's progress wouldn't register, i ensembled the black wild heart.  i should have grabbed the wire as well, because the one i have turns out rather stiff.  it took me a few tries, well many actually, before i settled on the setting temporarily.  i will fix it when i see the right wire, 2 gauge down i think.

anyway, like anyone cares of all that...here is my wild sacred heart laid on pilgrim's progress.

geez...i forgot to say...happy new year!  fabulous 2012 everyone.