Thursday, January 05, 2012

wild sacred heart

modernism has its pitfalls. it comes with ayn rand and karen armstrong whose philosophy i could argue endlessly; pollution and internet.  i remember nights before modernism blatantly robbed my favorite nocturnal pastime; watching the constellations in the sky and counting the stars, musing.  nowadays, i do after midnight online shopping.  in one of my shopping spree excursion, i came across a barbed wired heart necklace.  it reminded me of the sacred heart of jesus; which then reminded me of the bronze sacred heart and immaculate heart which i wait-listed and bought a while back.  i checked a few things so i can ensemble them into a scapular. right before checking out, i threw in the black swarovski wild heart pendant; the beauty of online shopping...everything is just a few clicks away.

last night while waiting for lethargy to kick in and pilgrim's progress wouldn't register, i ensembled the black wild heart.  i should have grabbed the wire as well, because the one i have turns out rather stiff.  it took me a few tries, well many actually, before i settled on the setting temporarily.  i will fix it when i see the right wire, 2 gauge down i think.

anyway, like anyone cares of all is my wild sacred heart laid on pilgrim's progress.

geez...i forgot to say...happy new year!  fabulous 2012 everyone.

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