Sunday, August 07, 2011


around the world collection by k & company wasn't expected.  at first i thought it's a beach theme collection.  i wanted to do a small luggage album.  loving the full release, i needed a bigger room to fit everything.

it was run as classes for msi.

first in bandung,

then jakarta,


back to jakarta.

a detailed tutorial of more than 60 pages and close to 300 photos is available on my etsy: travelogue.  thanking everyone for the interest.

fun world carousel

the moment i saw funhouse collection from g.c.d. studios, one certainty came to mind: a circular tent carousel album...finally.

as it turns out, hiding a 3 inch spine was effortless.

grace of msi asked if i would do a class for surabaya and agreed to bring in funhouse as one of the projects, might as well.

enjoy the show....

i had to borrow moira's pictures for the class sample album.  my version has a more ambitious title; the greatest show on earth.  it's photoless completed.  sitting nicely waiting for me to scan old pictures from 8 different albums piling on my study floor.

jakarta ladies

surabaya ladies

jakarta ladies again

the carousel hit most views, bookmarked and liked on two peas gallery  august 8, 2011.

Friday, August 05, 2011

life in toronto

when i bought the whole set of webster's pages wonderfall collection with a friend last year, i told her we were going to do a 6" x 12" album.  i was sure then that i was going to do a four seasons theme books.  time passed...the stash wasn't forgotten, just put aside.

a few weeks ago, i saw my lovely niece's photo album on facebook.  she called it life in toronto.  immediately, i snatched a few pictures from the album and sent for my wonderfall stash.  i knew what i wanted to do that night; the big bang theory season 3 and life in toronto.

the sign board is still missing a couple of elements, still on their way.  the roof—the medusa roof—is rather overdone for my liking, but what's done is done.

tara is coming home next week for a short summer break and  i was going to surprised her with the gift.  i ended up telling her about this when i asked her for the better quality images.  last week i saw she made a scrap page version of life in toronto.'s a gazebo explotion box!

 i figured that the inside wall should be able to stand alone.

in the beginning i placed a standing easel with a canvas in the middle.  beautiful; but has nothing to do with tara.  then i thought of a piano; nothing to do with her life in toronto.  i ordered a gazebo with a switchable lamp post from ebay; a tad too bulky.  

i finally settled with the fountain of happiness...ha!

i'll keep it dear to my heart until her safe return.

edited on august 31, 2011

this project is featured on webster's pages' gallery and blog.