Saturday, July 16, 2011

classes on the go

i was asking myself, how many cities are here in indonesia.  no clue!  must be a lot. reminiscence from primary school geography blind memorizing, indonesia has 13,677 islands.  a quick googling says today's numbering between 17,480 to 17,508.  only about 500 cities are listed.  hmmm....  anyone?  i'll send a generous gift for a more or less accurate number.

what a shame that i can count with barely 2 hands of the cities i've been around the country.  oddly, i've been to more islands around than cities around the archipelago.  thanks to the jakarta bay's thousand islands—which in reality i'm sure give and take, including coral islands during low tides, there's only hundred or so.  stranded, exploration, leisure, studies, dragged to, and all; quite surely i've been to at least 20 of them.  a couple favorites no longer exist.

anyways....  all that and back to what i was going to say before my rambling.  i'm going to surabaya, for the first time of course, with a couple of classes.

more to show when i'm back, of course.  i kept saying that to myself, i'll spend a good week taking pictures of the recent stuff i've done and finish a few more i've started.  even when we're busy living, 24 hours including sleepless night is still all we have.  so it's all down to managing time and juggling priorities.  i know that theory...see if i can take less time being so retired.