Thursday, March 29, 2012

for the love of handbound books

here is a chunky book i bounded for a friend's early birthday present.  it covered 6 odd width signatures and 60 journaling pages.  i thought i did—i should have taken pictures of the inside spreads.  the spine band of each signature is something i like and would repeat again and again.

the garter belt like book band was rather distracting, so i took it off. 

took quite an effort and a couple nicks to batter up the spine.  a lady in my workshop saw me doing it and asked why was it all torn up and if i was doing it on purpose.  the binding was an all day job.  well...a couple considering i disbanded the first which was too flashy. this one is much more pleasing to my eyes.

i kind of showed her a picture of it and hinted it's coming her way.  she was thrilled.  i might do something similar for myself.