on going workshops

school days backpack

timeless memories

kit and tutorial are available

past workshops

metal books

love life

tropical travelogue—hybrid camera album


fun days carousel

 instructions available on etsy

enchanted garden mini album

captured memories 1 - altered aviary 

captured memories 2 - altered atc tray & atc swap

hip hip hooray
portrait of a lady - carousel mini album 


Marirose said...

Hi.... your work is amazing... would you consider selling the instrucction for people like me that would love to take your classes but oviously cant go in person, you are so talented.....please consider this option... I wanted to write you in pricate but cant get access to your email.....

Anita Nay said...

I am in agreement with Marirose. Your work is amazing. Love the Carosel Album. I too an very interested in instructions on how to make this and some of the other workshop topics. I am not in the area of your workshops either. Thanks for a response. Anita

Anita Nay said...
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colette said...
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reshmi abbas said...

hi do u take online classes for any of the works i love it a lot and want seriouly learn from u...

reshmi abbas said...

please do teach it online or provide a tutorial ur works a lot

colette said...

@reshmi i sell some thorough instructions on my etsy shop: the travelogue, the carousel and the school backpack. here's the link: