BFP fundraising

rp 11.700.000,- = us$ 1.170 raised and donated to beagle freedom project on august 22, 2012 
in honor of max' 6th years of joyful companion

thank you ladies for supporting the project: buying and liking them and thank you shannon keith and everyone at arme and bfp for your angelic work.

max, i love you since the day i saw you, i love you now and every second in between. thank you for loving me back baby boy!


in honor of my beagle max 6th years of being the joy of my life, i'm selling all these scrapbooks to raise money to help rescue beagles who are used for animal experiments in research labs from death row.  all profit goes directly to beagle freedom project. they educate to change public perception and reach out to medical/pharmaceutical, household products and cosmetics laboratories all over the world that test and experiments on beagle for their release so they may be given a chance at life in good homes.

1. portrait of a lady ~ sold

this is a carousel album duplicated after my first class using webster's pages life portrait papers.  take a view of how i placed photos inside the album which i can also provide in a disc. all frames are temporarily attached for placement.

including a cd of portrait of a lady.

2. "happiness" bungalow ~ sold

built with reinforcement, similar to my previous project life in toronto using webster's pages hollywood vogue collection, prima flowers, miniatures, etc is a double walled pentagon explosion box.  some parts are only temporarily stuck for easier photos placement.  

including a cd for photos placement sample.

3. travel log ~ sold

here is a hand bound book using 140g smooth ivory acid free papers  with a travel theme. the cover is embellished with various metal, resin, clay, beads, wood, mica, papers, mixed mediums and other trinkets.

4. "the" alice? ~ sold

not only i managed to remake the album, i did better.  bound in full leather and varius fabrics and lace inside out, here comes "the" alice? comes in a 3d tunnel vision box and 24 pages.  made of papers,  leather, fabric, lace, gauze, metals, handmade alice theme metal words, resin, clay, acrylic, wax, various mediums and other found objects. similar to the one on graphic 45 blog; and i favor this revamped version.

including a cd of impromptu tea party v.2 photos.

5. funhouse carousel ~ sold

shown here is fun world carousel, a pentagon carousel album. the version available is all the same through out except for the blue background cover and without photos.

including a cd of detailed photos and written instructions to attached pictures and a few finishing.

6. tropical travelogue hybrid camera ~ sold

from my recent 2 days workshop, this highly interacted camera album is jam packed with folds, flips, flaps, pull-outs, slides, pop-ups all through the the 12 spreads. worked up of various mediums—metal effects, texturing; sand, water, antiquing—paper, glasses, tins, metals leather, gauze, et al.

shown here is bronze/patina, the metal effect of the version selling is iron/rust.

this project is selling without photos of course and semi-finished as some parts couldn't be sealed/attached/pasted before the photos are placed.  it comes with a thorough step by step written instructions, construction samples, cd and access to a yahoo group detailed photos.

for further inquiry, please contact me.

the following videos and pictures moved me in the making of this fundraising projects...

beagle freedom project second rescue video

beagle freedom project first rescue video

beagle freedom project fourth rescue (spanish beagles) video

 first time out of his cage and walked on the grass ever since birth, thanks to beagle freedom project

 shannon keith, founder of beagle freedom project and her team working hard

40 beagles given new life, saved by beagle freedom project from a spanish lab death row

one of the pups beagle freedom project recently saved with their mom

beagles are the most popular breed for lab use because of their friendly, docile, trusting, forgiving, people-pleasing personalities. the research industry says they adapt well to living in a cage, and are inexpensive to feed.

perhaps only us beagle owners know such a people pleasing and loving animal don't deserve that cruelty at any cost. besides, new techniques in science mean animal testing is totally out of date. so buy from cruelty-free companies.

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thank you for supporting beagle freedom project

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