Sunday, February 19, 2012

r.a.k. around the blogs

i wish i have more than 1 to give.  this time it goes to anita abdulkadir.  i thank everyone for the sweet commendations.  in the near future when i figured how or someone shows me how, i hope to post some tutorials.

just when i'm blogging this, i'm told that graphics 45 announced on their blog that they have chosen my impromptu tea party v.2 (still haven't quite finished with the 1st) as their r.a.k winner chosen from their ning gallery.  wow, this comes as a surprise as i didn't know anything about it. 

apparently graphics 45 is running r.a.k. (it's random acts of kindness, in case...).  if i'm reading them correctly, last week was a r.a.k. week.  they have chosen random people who have contributed to their galleries to win some prizes.  for the month of february they're running r.a.k. challenges which they call random crafts of kindness in their facebook page.

just yesterday in my tropical travelogue~hybrid camera workshop i was just saying how amazing graphics 45 creations are.  i can't be more honored and thankful.