Monday, May 09, 2011

enchanted garden

simply said, enchanted garden is an album i created for a class at my scrapbook ideas

i must say, msi had provided a very generous kit of k & company susan winget botanical collection, prima flowers, hambly screen, tim holtz embellishments, ranger's crackle paint and canvas, other necessary supplies in creating this album.

k & company was my first love in scrapbooking and now i do remember why...the vast elements in every collection.

the idea of this project was of course to create an enchanted garden within an album.  so i use layers and layers of papers and embellishments...should be more than 100 of them.

we used tim holtz' knob and leather to lock  and ranger canvas to bind the album and i adored this flower flap on the opening.

now, let me entice you through my garden of joy....

perhaps one couldn't really tell, but we layered around 20 pieces of flowers, butterflies and dragonflies here.

using flower stem wire, i hand-shaped the writing in the manner of my script.  the opening title was rather tough because of the wire thickness, but the rest was easy.

i'm changing the photos on this page. 

hello max....xox

i already had a couple of similar album from my memory lane ensemble, but as soon as i finished this enchanted garden i wanted another one.  this is a type of album that will not have the same look when you recreate it with a different set of stash. in fact several ladies who already finished it said the same thing.  today, lia showed me the almost finished 4th album she had in this binding.  together we had created many projects and she thought this was the best album ever.  hahaa...  until our next?  :p

there are layers of flowers and dragonflies on the shabby wooden wall.  after the class, i added a few trinkets from prima and tim holtz on this fence.

i forgot to take a top view of this album where i also built the shabby wooden wall on the inside spine and fully embellished it because we can actually see it when the album is opened.

the class was a full-house and in all the photos everyone was transfixed in doing the project from start to finish, which could only meant good that they were so into creating their own enchanted garden, no? :)

i hope these ladies adore their albums as i do.

anita and mieke couldn't make the class so i happily worked with them today with the kit they got.  they managed to finished theirs identically to mine besides the pictures.  alas as usual we forgot to take pictures!  i believe they will be uploading  theirs soon.

mieke even showed me the pristine way to wrap paper corners over chipboard.  

i'm very happy with how this project turned out and i'm thanking ina and grace of msi for making it happened and of course all the ladies who came.

it's always interesting to see the cloning of a class project.  now, to anyone who finished her album and leave her link on this post, i will send each one a gift.


TheRaLeA said...

huwaaa....seandainya waktu itu bisa ikutaannn...padahal mba ina udah nawarin jugaa....
bagus banget mba Colleettteeeeeeee


It's a beautiful Art piece and congrats for the class Colette =)

sharon Ong said...

soooooooooooooo nice!!!!!!! No wonder the class was packed! :)

Brazlebridge said...

This is so lovely. I don't believe I have ever seen such a beautiful scrapbook. You are a very inspiring lady!

andrea chiu said...

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