Wednesday, May 04, 2011

friends ep. 81 ~ sharon's tv class

i checked out laine's classes because i was going to singapore last month.  saw this lovely tv class by sharon.  so i went with my friend christine.  we forgot to take photos together though.

i'm developing the photos tomorrow.  they're humorous photos of me and 2 of my old friends, chili and nala visit to jogja.  the 3 of used to work together and a couple of years ago we reconnected after losing touch for many years.  just like that we decided there and then to visit their old friend kentu, who happened to be my new friend then, suwage.  it was also the grand opening of roommate—a curator house, so there were also some other friends in the trip. but the 3 of us flew and stuck together.  it was such a fun and memorable trip.

 the kit that i see it, i forgot to stick my text sticker. also, i forgot to take pictures of the sides which are pretty impressive and well thought.

sharon said she would add more trinkets, so i put in a few of tim's and prima.  i also added the stands.  there will be more little cut out photos in each compartments.

this is my favorite compartment, look at the bobbin and bulb.  now i want to do the plasma version.  :)

updated on  may 9, 2011

i managed to put in the pictures....

 added photos on a film strip,

 and had to use tweezers in setting up the pictures.

 fooling around with suwage's mac.  chili looked like edvard munch's " the scream".

it was a cloudy day and i took these pictures inside my workshop, turned out that we can't really see the embossed letter effect which i thought was brilliant.  check out sharon's reality tv.


Dewie.Rha said...

i like it as always

sharon Ong said...

I loooooooooove how your TV turned out! Filled will such fun and happy things! Way to go!