Wednesday, January 02, 2013

memento revisited

staring at my memento on the shelf, i rather felt it wasn't quite there yet.  visually it didn't speak what's in the mind.  so i played with it a bit today.

and there she is...

the images behind the mother of pearl frame embedded fragments of thought. i wanted to rivet it, but wasn't sure if i would break the delicate frame.  stripped from her garments, i moved the wings behind the charlotte which make is more like the winged victory or guardian angel if you will. she's carrying an insignia of the tree of life.  it is fashioned like an ancient coin/medal; i made it with clay.  so the pure heart/sacred heart is bound on the side with a couple more charms; mi casa milagro and the way of life.  on another strand is the coiled lily of the valley which i really like.

so now they stood regally side by side; wishing the world a wonderful 2013.