Thursday, April 29, 2010

voyage of a beagle

a walk on the family island with max.  i made a mini slide show one fine weekend of our time in the island that weekend.  he wasn't eating the sand, but being a beagle he couldn't resist sniffing them here and there.  little that he knows, sand sticks on wet nose.  i figured he's not fond of swimming because there's no ground to step on (and to sniff on!)

some real sand, shells, bits and pieces i collect from a walk on the beach.

glossy medium gel and water color to make the water effect and modeling paste and acrylic here and there on the base paper.

rubber stamps on handmade canvas frame covered by modeling paste.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

super sassafras giveaway

lilibee studio is giving away sassafras lass complete apple jack collection.

if you adores sassafras lass collections, you must visit leila's blog for ideas.  she gives darling weekly mini book tutorial: one week one project using each of the extensive collection past and present. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

a kiss on the chic - may kit

sheer gorgeousness!  among other things, my first club kit haul: portrait of home from a kiss on the chic

can't resist to add some of the add-on goodies too.  check it out!  so looking forward to play with it.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

lord pepper's and max' birthdays

my lord pepper turns 3!  oops...i must have put it upside down after he toppled it.

as always my sweet boy is more interested on me than food, when i'm close enough.  isn't he lovely?

unlike the gentleman, this prince of my heart who turned 4, 3 days after...max could sniff food a mile away!  it's almost impossible to take his picture with the cake.  his had spun around like the ceiling fan on high speed.  in a matter of seconds he managed to lick the frosting of his birthday cake and grabbed the biggest chunk he could when he realized it was taken away from his face.  look at how his eyes fixated on the cake.  hahaha...

this year, max' and pepper's birthday theme is snoopy.  max is the snoopy and woodstock looks like pepper, no? a little then!  i bake max' and pepper's birthday torte and goodie bag treats for their 4-paws friends.

shinta, my favorite baker artist did the cookies for their "human" friends goodie bags.

You Bake 'em Dog Biscuits Cookbook

i use my favorite dog treats cookbook for baking max' and pepper's birthday torte and goodie bag treats for their friends; the vets, groomers, dog people, caretaker, etc.

liver birthday torte

whole wheat flour
rye flour
oat bran
beef liver puree
baby carrots
olive oil

for the frosting:
low-fat soft creme cheese
beef liver puree
olive oil

bacon-cheese biscuits
whole wheat flour
soy flour
wheat bran
parmesan cheese
unsweetened natural applesauce

peanut butter oat biscuits

 unbleached flour
wheat germ
oat bran
low-fat milk
natural peanut butter

additional pic added june 12, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

a glimpse on my daily journal pages

feb 6
made a paper doll using some parts from fantastique whimsies.

feb 8
spent the day musing and day dreaming 
it may be that the characters are not me but
only persons with whom i've mingled intimately with
but the emotions are all mine
feb 9
it was 2:19 pm and my lunch wasn't there. "mad to the roof" story of the day. made it after alice in wonderland of course, with a push and pull tab on the neck...can't be "mad" forever :)

feb 10
feeling under the weather; nauseated major style, throbbing head, sore shoulders.
i'm not fond and not accustomed to "kerokan" (traditional javanese treatment to get rid of the cold by improving blood circulation; skin is rubbed with oils and balm using coin , then scrapped down until red spot appears).  i tried again and also the capsicum plasters.

feb 11 (insertion)
received an anonymous message from someone who claimed to know me from sf days.

feb 11
new colorful cheap markers

feb 12
nocturne in e flat major op 9 no 2 
reflectively resounds the melody of my inner soul...
my life dances passionately amongst the movement
something like that....  if life is music, then i'm nocturne in e flat major by chopin.  thus the owl and the insomnia.

feb 20
that was the day i saw the cove.
if they are things i'm opposed to...
  • capturing for entertainment 
  • consuming endangered species (if not most species with souls)
  • killing for sports (regardless the equations)

(feb 19)
that's fluffy (1989-2003)
how i missed her and looking forward to see her again on the rainbow bridge.

feb 21
remembering sf

feb 22
silent dilemma whatchamacallit

feb 23
sleep deprived

feb 24
max' whiskers
misophonia...why scream?!

mar 7
tv series i watch on dvd this season while multitasking:
  • big bang theory (my all time favorite sitcom)
  • 24
  • desperate housewives
  • brothers & sisters
  • house md
  • grey's anatomy

mar 10
my guardian angels

reminded me of the abba song i believe in angels"
if you see the wonder of a fairy tale
you can take the future even if you fail
i believe in angels
something good in everything i see
or the beautiful kiss of life by sade
there must have been an angel by my side
something heavenly came down from above

mar 15
and so i did!  :)

mar 16
some random thoughts

Friday, April 09, 2010

saturday rituals

my mom get along really well with her siblings and in-laws; they are 6 sisters and 4 brother.  in fact, they're best friends.  they spend a lot of time together on everything; vacation, exercise, tennis, grocery shopping, health name it all! when one is into something, the other follows.  not all of them live in the same country, but they visit each other and travel together a lot. 

my little shoebox - away we go is just perfect to scrap their saturday rituals.  my aunt and husband would pick an uncle and his wife, another aunt who lives next door to him and another aunt who stays with her whenever she's in town, then pick my mom.  that's the route! when there are more people coming (more siblings in town), then they will do another car pool.   i became apart of this ritual.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

something i overheard a while ago

when you take a self portrait through a mirror with a camera; instead of your face, all you could see is the light from the flash. too much knowledge does the same to yourself. you're so brightly illuminated, that you're blinded and not able to see your self image anymore.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

huggable babe

i waited eagerly in bali's december heat for my turn to play with babe, a baby orangutan in bali safari & marine park.  she's such a bundle of playfulness and curiosity; very comfortable with human touch and fond of cuddles.  she immediately went for my hat and played peek a boo with it and reached for my shades.  after our fondling, she reached for her caretaker to carry her, and he handfed her some snacks.  i hope he treats her well.

i finally get to use this cute sassafras lass - bungle jungle stash!

featured on sassasfras' blog: tour de creativity
picked as a blog challenge winner