Saturday, April 17, 2010

lord pepper's and max' birthdays

my lord pepper turns 3!  oops...i must have put it upside down after he toppled it.

as always my sweet boy is more interested on me than food, when i'm close enough.  isn't he lovely?

unlike the gentleman, this prince of my heart who turned 4, 3 days after...max could sniff food a mile away!  it's almost impossible to take his picture with the cake.  his had spun around like the ceiling fan on high speed.  in a matter of seconds he managed to lick the frosting of his birthday cake and grabbed the biggest chunk he could when he realized it was taken away from his face.  look at how his eyes fixated on the cake.  hahaha...

this year, max' and pepper's birthday theme is snoopy.  max is the snoopy and woodstock looks like pepper, no? a little then!  i bake max' and pepper's birthday torte and goodie bag treats for their 4-paws friends.

shinta, my favorite baker artist did the cookies for their "human" friends goodie bags.

You Bake 'em Dog Biscuits Cookbook

i use my favorite dog treats cookbook for baking max' and pepper's birthday torte and goodie bag treats for their friends; the vets, groomers, dog people, caretaker, etc.

liver birthday torte

whole wheat flour
rye flour
oat bran
beef liver puree
baby carrots
olive oil

for the frosting:
low-fat soft creme cheese
beef liver puree
olive oil

bacon-cheese biscuits
whole wheat flour
soy flour
wheat bran
parmesan cheese
unsweetened natural applesauce

peanut butter oat biscuits

 unbleached flour
wheat germ
oat bran
low-fat milk
natural peanut butter

additional pic added june 12, 2010

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humblechan said...

What a fun celebration! Happy belated birthday, Max and Pepper! :o)