Saturday, April 10, 2010

a glimpse on my daily journal pages

feb 6
made a paper doll using some parts from fantastique whimsies.

feb 8
spent the day musing and day dreaming 
it may be that the characters are not me but
only persons with whom i've mingled intimately with
but the emotions are all mine
feb 9
it was 2:19 pm and my lunch wasn't there. "mad to the roof" story of the day. made it after alice in wonderland of course, with a push and pull tab on the neck...can't be "mad" forever :)

feb 10
feeling under the weather; nauseated major style, throbbing head, sore shoulders.
i'm not fond and not accustomed to "kerokan" (traditional javanese treatment to get rid of the cold by improving blood circulation; skin is rubbed with oils and balm using coin , then scrapped down until red spot appears).  i tried again and also the capsicum plasters.

feb 11 (insertion)
received an anonymous message from someone who claimed to know me from sf days.

feb 11
new colorful cheap markers

feb 12
nocturne in e flat major op 9 no 2 
reflectively resounds the melody of my inner soul...
my life dances passionately amongst the movement
something like that....  if life is music, then i'm nocturne in e flat major by chopin.  thus the owl and the insomnia.

feb 20
that was the day i saw the cove.
if they are things i'm opposed to...
  • capturing for entertainment 
  • consuming endangered species (if not most species with souls)
  • killing for sports (regardless the equations)

(feb 19)
that's fluffy (1989-2003)
how i missed her and looking forward to see her again on the rainbow bridge.

feb 21
remembering sf

feb 22
silent dilemma whatchamacallit

feb 23
sleep deprived

feb 24
max' whiskers
misophonia...why scream?!

mar 7
tv series i watch on dvd this season while multitasking:
  • big bang theory (my all time favorite sitcom)
  • 24
  • desperate housewives
  • brothers & sisters
  • house md
  • grey's anatomy

mar 10
my guardian angels

reminded me of the abba song i believe in angels"
if you see the wonder of a fairy tale
you can take the future even if you fail
i believe in angels
something good in everything i see
or the beautiful kiss of life by sade
there must have been an angel by my side
something heavenly came down from above

mar 15
and so i did!  :)

mar 16
some random thoughts

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