Friday, April 09, 2010

saturday rituals

my mom get along really well with her siblings and in-laws; they are 6 sisters and 4 brother.  in fact, they're best friends.  they spend a lot of time together on everything; vacation, exercise, tennis, grocery shopping, health name it all! when one is into something, the other follows.  not all of them live in the same country, but they visit each other and travel together a lot. 

my little shoebox - away we go is just perfect to scrap their saturday rituals.  my aunt and husband would pick an uncle and his wife, another aunt who lives next door to him and another aunt who stays with her whenever she's in town, then pick my mom.  that's the route! when there are more people coming (more siblings in town), then they will do another car pool.   i became apart of this ritual.

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