Monday, December 26, 2011

joy to the world...and

merry christmas!  i had our traditional christmas eve festive; family, santa, presents, carols, church and all with the clan. haven't had the chance to look at the pictures though.

before i pack up for the holiday trip (which is tomorrow), i'd like to present my most likely be first 2012 workshop.

tropical travelogue...of course!—growing up being an island girl myself— shaped after my g12 camera.  well, sort of!

i noticed on my last trip to the island that the brass window handles in the bedroom had turned patina.  as a matter of fact, anything metal exposed that close to the open sea would oxidized sooner than later. so that's that...patina or rust.

almost, but noticeably not quite done, still waiting a few stuff to come in.  rather bulky i must say.

my sea and sandy beach page.

this highly dynamic album is packed with folds, pockets, pull outs...

pop ups...

flips, flaps...

and the significant swivel screen!  i upgraded my g11 to g12 just for this feature, so it's a must in here.

so they say, jewel comes in little package. this case, not so little.  i can promise you, this is a hybrid scrapbook like no others.  warning ahead: compulsory meticulous efforts.  the almighty didn't create  water-sand and flora-fauna at the same day...lest i—thus this is a 2 days workshop of cutting, pasting, kneading, baking, smearing, painting, scraping.

i'll finish up after the holiday; details are most likely on my facebook by the 1st week of 2012. 

i wish the world a joyous holiday; and a merry kissmax (from you know who).  see you in wonderful 2012.