Monday, May 23, 2011

anthology of scrap

the bright colored papers i was trying to work on during the weekend gave me a nauseating headache.  i packed up the set and decided to completely abandon the project.  after a couple of extra strength rapid release tylenols, i started a new project and worked on this journal.  it was fashioned after lia's anthropologie's album which she did in sharon's class and i couldn't make.

reveled in the process with the "help" of my scrap sidekick—max, we finished it in one sitting...almost.

i call mine anthology of scrap and i'm going to record some of my scrapping thumbnails, experiments, know...scrap and crap.  i will add photos on the filmstrip later.

when i sort out trinkets as such, i do not just pick what goes.  every item is relevantly and significantly symbolize the concept, design and purpose ...something like that.

supplies are mostly 7 gypsies and tim holtz, plus various trinkets i collected.

this journal is a treasure in the making until it's filled up.


Susan said...

Your album is AMAZING!! I love it, so many great details.

sharon Ong said...

Wah....I like!!! Yours is super chunky and textured! :)