Thursday, September 23, 2010

portrait of a lady

i redid the life portrait carousel album from a workshop i gave last month.  when the mock up was done, i figured to perfected the binding and thought i would also make one for myself.

 second picture is the revamped binding with internal spine to reinforce support

originally i was going to put my younger days pictures.  then, my mother's best friend of more than 50 years is asking me to help her collect old family pictures.  she's making a video memoir for my mother's birthday present in november.  as i was looking at those vintage pictures, i immediately decided to use some of them for this carousel album instead.

i use mostly webster's pages' life's portrait papers and use punches and shape scissors to build the album and embellishments. on the revamped version, i made some minor changes on the inside...just because.  



 top view

page 1

a short path in an  abounding life journey of an amazing lady...

 page 2

 a life so full, the tale has no end in the telling of it...

page 3

here is recorded some snapshots of the only lady i've always admired...

 page 4

 my mother.

page 5

the weather hasn't been kind and i couldn't get the right natural light for the pictures.  so i took the detail page shots with no justice still.


owkay...insisted by my uncle, she wi-fied the house.  she's internet illiterate still.  i'm off to show her this on her ipad.  good lord!

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Anita Abdulkadir said...

I love your album potrait of a'a amazing!
Can I put your blog on my links? Please :-)