Monday, August 16, 2010

a journey with merdrey

i went to say hi to merdreypapermarket's designer/instructor, who's been very kind in helping me with my mail orders.  she told me about the classes she teaches and showed me her fabulous projects.  on my last night, i made it to her journey class.

journey of a thousand miles

we altered a wooden stamp box and made it into a weathered trunk.  merdrey said she looked up on vintage louis vuitton's trunk when she designed it.  gorgeous!  


merdrey carried the class at ease and we chatted through, because only me and claire showed up.  i really enjoyed it.  i told myself, i will be back for more of her classes every time i go to singapore.

i love the detailing and told her, i will come home and start utee-ing all my stuff...hahhahaa....

we get to see it finished way before time and she let me dig the new arrival which wasn't displayed yet.  like i said, she's a sweetheart and every one who have met her would have said so.

she said we should take a picture togetther.  i didn't bring my camera and the shot from my cellular didn't do justice.  i'm waiting for her to send me the picture she took with her camera and introduce those of you who haven't met her.
thank you merdrey and i'll see you again soon.

additional picture ~ august 19, 2010  

told ya merdrey is the sweetest gal.  she sent me this picture and helped me pick up more new arrivals at papermarket this week.  i literally stopped what i was making so i can use the new batch on the project.  will show it next week.


Dewie.Rha said...

gorgeus it is..


Ohh's seriously beautiful!!

Ria said...

She is indeed a darling! I still dreamed about taking her 'camera' class, Let. That was so unique.