Saturday, November 27, 2010


it's been a long hiatus!  in the midst of life, time flies too fast.  between short travels, health problem and other issues in life (including practicing the art of doing nothing), 2 months have passed.  but, i'm very much alive and kicking.

i've promised max (yes...the handsome beagle) that i would scrap him.  i also committed to my patience scrap group a couple projects.  i agreed to do a piece using cosmo cricket's delovely collection, which has perfect sofa for max to lounge around.

i altered a wall key box and turned it into a living room frame.  i had to reframed the glass window since the original wasn't working.

it is intentionally cluttered to flatter the joy my dogs bring to my life.  :)

my favorite boy with the caterpillar—i cut it apart and adhered it back using zip by thermoweb—one of my must have adhesive.  it's a hybrid of silicone-glue gun and gives a perfect lifting for layering.

i use a couple punches to create the flowers

and cut free hand shapes on some of them.


this is choki—my sweet golden retriever, who loves to carry stuff in his mouth and has to eat laying down with the bowl served between his paws.

the small roses between the caterpillar are really tiny! 

 ...and meet brownie the eldest among the lot.

i think the jewels i used are prima and melissa frances.

take a peek inside...

tada...his highness max—sofa, snack and sniff lover posing in his "turkey style" snooze.  usually with 1 hand straight up like a pole and head tilts back.

pepper gets the honor to be on the wall with me.  :)

my friends wanted to have a mini album with this project.  so i'm suggesting that they use the frame as the mini album cover.  so basically when they take it out from the wall there will be more pages.

i adore my curtain.  i can't remember the trims's brand, but the curtain hanger and the frame are melissa frances.

inspired by my merry little hound—sofa lover

madame desiree aka chili stitched the 1" square pillows neater than a prada shirt while i paced back and forth holding my breath behind her.  i managed to thread the needles for her...hahaha....  she also kindly knitted the rug.

the things we do for the love of a beagle!
dogs are not our whole life
but they make our life whole
i'll be back tomorrow with a preview of a workshop i'm invited to run next week.  watch out for it.  :)   early next week, god willing and with the mercy of my impaired internet connection, i will try to post more works.

have a blessed thankgiving weekend everyone.


Dewie.Rha said...

Hi Colette,
it is truly lovely and enjoyed seeing the work. Beautiful.
And how do you make the Box ? I like the box too :)

Sandy Ang said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. Am completed and utterly stunned by your creativity and originality.

Spent a lovely hour looking at your creations.

Suriana Ju said...

Cantik sekali..!! luv it..!!