Tuesday, December 28, 2010

captured memories — altered aviary workshop in 2 parts

for those who have heard me talking about it, here it is....

 captured memories - mixed media altered aviary

it began when i saw this enticing 3d wood board aviary.  i acquired it all the way from france.  as most things french, it has unsurpassed beauty and quality—design and material wise.  

one by one, vendor by vendor, country by country—4 months and so after i finally gathered some elusive materials i wanted to to use in indulging this altered aviary.  i must say i'm swooned by how it turned out; worth all the efforts.

antique teak wood finishing

this aviary stands up as a 3d frame, and layer by layer it opens up to its inside spreads.  i have personally experimented and developed a few mix media vintage finishing for this project.

that's the first part.

atc tray swap

in the same spirit, the 2nd half of the project is this tray.  it is meant to hold up some round robin atc swap within the participants.  the plan is to introduce international swap scenes for those who are interested.

inquirers will be given access to private online viewing and more information about this project.

i dedicated this aviary in the memory of my grandmother, helene papakostas.  all pictures are of her family, my ancestors.


Dee said...

the aviary we've been waiting for. they're sooo prettyy.
details plizzz :d

liasutra said...

It's very pretty, I join whatever class u have Colette, truly an artist ! If all my fingers are tumbs, u'll get 20 tumbs up from me!!!


it's a treasure!

rena said...

really like ur antique touch...

Sandy Ang said...

Must be such a labour of love. The sneaks look wonderful. Imaginging all sorts of fabulous accompanying ATCs to go with it.