Thursday, February 03, 2011

as guest artist at 'create well...create often'

i'm honored to be featured as a guest artist by a talented craft-media artist, jennifer evans on her inspirational blog create well...create often.

Guest Designer - Colette Wibisono

Ok... I am totally freaking out with this week's guest designer, Colette Wibisono! She is the perfect source of inspiration to start this year's guest designers for Create Well... Create Often. She will blow your mind with her amazing mixed media talent! I wish I could just sit with her while she works so I can learn how she does her layering and techniques...

Is “I do whatever my heart desires without worrying too much of the label attached to it” considered a style? Hahaha… I’m not sure if I have or want a specific style in terms of techniques and design. But I have a genre— philosophical comedy. In a word, I’d say: conceptual. I’m not into decorative scrapbooking per say. Every piece I do is a soliloquy from a fragment of thought, feeling or emotion; let it be in my writing or craft. Each has a longer and personal story which I could easily replay when I look at it. They’re either inkling of a deeper self or amusing detail of everyday moments. Very self indulging I must say and never yet for a show case. That’s make them my own and I adore them all, yet most likely making them not replicable. When my friends and I do group projects, I would suggest that they personalized the details and making the stories their own.


Beautiful mind


(The things I do for a beagle!)

There’s no particular medium or a certain technique I like to use in binding the design or as a finishing touch up, not even favorite glue. If I want to put a certain effect because it’s the look that I want, then I experiment a bit with the mediums I have. There are probably better way to create the effect, but usually after a couple of tries I’m satisfied with what I accomplished.

Since I can’t stick water from the island, I used glossy medium gel and acrylic—what I have handy—for the water effect.


I wanted the cover to look like an old hand tooled leather over wood. This is when I first developed my wood finishing, which carried to the next level…

Anything in heaven and under the sun inspires me. A song...

a sofa...

I never rush to finish my projects, I savor the process and subconsciously play the story of what I’m trying to capture. A single object or sentiment will carry me to a story on spot. Perhaps because I have done my share of classical readings. I used to be a literary bum. To paraphrase a friend, “It may be that the characters are not me, but only people who I’ve mingled intimately with. Yet the emotions are all mine.” So scrapping/crafting wise, when I look at a product collection I usually see the story on spot. If I don’t see the story, it means I’m not relating to the visuals and chance is I’m never going to use them ever. No matter how pretty or cute they are.

I’m not a savvy crafter that I can advise others; but I can share my 2 cents worth. Starting this year, now that I know what I’m doing, I will not buy papers because they’re beautiful or cute for later use. I do not want to end up with more wasted materials faster than I can get rid of them, since I’ve been collecting scrapbook materials more than 5 years ago but only started making them last year. Worse, I do not want to be forcing myself to use them up. That is stuck-ism #1. Recently, I decided that the fastest way to get rid of them is too give them away.

Stuck-ism #2 is if I were to try following a step-by-step project. I immediately felt the lack of cohesion because I can’t fit my story into the scene. No matter how impressive and beautiful they are.

My biggest obstacle is I’m not a picture person. duh@me for picking up a hobby. Then, we do not have a proper art/supply/scrap store where I live, Indonesia that is. I’ve been trying to get patina mediums all week with no luck. But it’s ok, I’ll make do. I will just have to make my own patina look or forget patina look for now.

You can find Colette's work on her blog, Merchant of Marvels. You can also stalk her talent at Two Peas and her workshop Facebook page.

Create Well: Make every piece you do from a fragment of thought, feeling or emotion; let it be in your writing or craft. Let each have a longer and personal story which you could easily replay when you look at it

thank you jennifer and may we continue to create well and create often.

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