Sunday, August 19, 2012

"the" alice? ~ no. 4 bfp fundraising project

 cheshire cat: "the" alice?
when i first mentioned to a friend that i was going to sell some scrapbooks to raise money for beagle freedom project, she immediately said: do the alice.  she meant the impromptu tea party i did a while back of course.  i gushed that i wouldn't be able to repeat it even if i took 7 different kind of chill pills.

a few days after, i picked a tunnel vision assemblage i made for the impromptu tea party v.1b which i never quite finished yet.

alice kingsley: sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
before i knew it...

i assembled the flying cards pop-up.  that wasn't so hard.  except for when i visioned the binding, i realized the v.1b had a different measurement from the v.2.  so i had to change the base.  what started so effortless turned in to a series of literal bone breaking effort; from conditioning the rock hard "soft clay" to crashing the melting pot to pieces.

i must admit a few times the thought that perhaps i should just have forgotten the projects and donated my own money and asked from a few friends that would say so as well.  then i saw those pictures updates on bfp facebook page and made the pledge to do as planned.

today, before my very eyes...

blimey, couldn't believe it myself—never better binding and revamped version.

another beagle owner friend offered a generous donation for this book. honestly, i would give it to her as a present had i not made it for the fundraising. i felt bad, but i felt much worse for the lab beagles.

i didn't see that most of the charms were flipped when i took the photos, but they're all tie-in to the story and some special ordered metal words charms from the story.

let's see through some of the pages.

this book is designed as a story book all though. the left panel housed the tunnel page and the title page is from tim burton's movie tie-in book.

the graphics are from graphic 45 ~ hallowe'en in wonderland papers.

some pages are meant to accommodate die cut photos.

some are meant to hold full page photos, but i left semi-fixed embellishments just in case. this page has an alice with pull in/out tab on the next for some writing.

there are 24 pages til the end and a tunnel vision box—thick, solid, leather bound inside out interlaced with various fabrics and laces.

some people inquire if i will make more of the sold album to sell; no but thank you for your interest and thank you for supporting this bfp fundraising.

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