Saturday, May 01, 2010

a beagle scrapbooker

 what do you recon he's thinking with the expression?

so, i helped him finish,

using some of the scraps he worked on.

yes, including the paper.  how on earth did he manage to pick a dog theme, don't ask.

i use his paw for the paw print.  he wasn't happy about it.  i didn't quite succeed actually.  the clear stamp was already too old perhaps.  when i pressed his paw to the pad it disintegrated and the powder wouldn't melt under the heater.  so, i just use varnish spray to make them stick on the paper.  not too shabby, looks like mud print.

look who came to visit when i was trying to take the pictures.

he's doggone tired following me around the room, checking and directing me as i pick stuff up and assembled the pieces.

hypothesis of why a beagle pick up scrapping:
- the merry little thing is in a good mood
- he's left alone in a room for 10 minutes
- curiosity! what else, he's a beagle
- he's trying to do something you like to please you
- new toys laying around his territory
- see if they are tasty


humblechan said...

This layout is absolutely adorable. I love how you used scraps that he worked on -- makes it extra-special! :o)

Miss Jaster said...

How cute! :)