Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my oldest friend, neighbor, classmate, cousin...

ivonne is actually my first cousin once removed—my dad's cousin that is.  we've been neighbor since birth, classmates since primary school all the way to highschool.  when i studied in san francisco, she moved fro los angeles and joined me in town.  she's one of my first sisterly friend, nemesis of the hour, mental therapy, partner in crime, sisterhood...among many other first.

sweet marmalade from sassasfras, buttons, brads, prima flowers and the background is a wild asparagus paper from my mind's eye.

regardless of
whom i met
or what i do
or what i have become
it is the friends
i grew up with
that i feel
closest to
and that i have
the most in common with
though we don't see each other often
when we do
it is as though
we were always together ~
so comfortable
so natural
so honest
i guess old friends
who know where we come from
who know our backgrounds
who know our families
have an understanding
of us
that no new friend
can ever have
~ susan polis schultz

a card from david

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Jess said...

Fantastic LO! Love the frame you put around the central picture! So many wonderful details!