Monday, June 21, 2010

each individual is crafted unique—swap series

ria nirwana is hosting a swap gathering this weekend celebrating ali edwards' week in the life project with a group of indonesian scrapbookers. that was the week my asthma started to relapse, needless to say i abandoned the project.  i thought i was going to catch up when i feel better, it got worst and basically my life was in suspended animation until a few days ago. 

thank the good lord, i'm well now and ready to attend the gathering and haul 28 sets of handcrafted items from enlisted swappers.

these are what i made and hope everyone hearts what they get.

 zetti inspired slide frame

whimsical sunday best

pink lollipop journaling spot

 blue lollipop journaling spot

because i'm fairly new in the scene, i made a label to introduce myself and what i made for them.

originally, the idea was going to include be yourself atc—series of rather daring vintage ladies posing around.  as it flowed, the idea didn't come true. i still keep the each individual is crafted unique as a pun to the individual items.

each person will get one of these zetti inspired slide frames,

plus a whimsical sunday best,

plus this blue lollipop journaling spot,

or this pink lollipop journaling spot.

like this,

or perhaps this,

or this,

and maybe this or others.

i might have a couple extra sets.  if there is interest, i can give them away.  we'll see!

oh, i forgot to mention earlier that this gathering is also meant for ria to celebrate her 3rd blog-versary.  in the spirit, she's giving away some lovely stuffs, check them out for a chance to win.  of course i made her something which i naturally wouldn't post here just yet in case she reads this.


Lia said...

colette its an amazing job, am speechless! 20 tumbs up, am literally doin it rite now.....yeeeey

Ria said...

Ooooooh, made me scream *with joy, of course* see all these beautiful things.....THIS IS what I am talking about YOU, so unique!!

And as for the one you made for me especially, it will certainly make my next 4 nights until the day come, be some restless nights thinking about it, it will certainly make me wish you accidentally click the POST button to that picture ( i'll love that, for this time *wink), and please accept my deeply gratitude in advance.


Jess said...

Found you from the Sassafras Lass blog, congrats on having your beautiful layouts featured! These creations are simply darling! So much whimsy! I especially adore the image of the little girl riding a bird, where do you find your images?

colette said...

hi jess,
thank you for dropping by and letting me know that i'm, featured on sassasfrass :)
i bought the images at etsy. the girl on the bird is from lisa's altered art.


Colette...You are amazzzing!! Love all your works!! =D

Cassandra said...

I just love what you have done here with my images. So amazing! Stunning!