Friday, July 02, 2010

deus ex machina

lia sutra made the travel back in time distressed chipboard album for the swap event last week.  i told her that i will use hers on my next project, so here it is.

originally i made a time machine altered doll from a dismembered watch parts, dead electronic board, charms and various metal parts.  i was trying to create a deus ex machina.  half way through, in an inkling bougureau's la crepuscle (twilight) (or evening mood—as i knew it) struck my vision, so i left the zetti meets steampunk doll and the original idea of the project and came up with whatever was handy.

every so often she travels back in time to revisit

if there was anything impressive i did a few years back is that i read classical literature.  i  came across the collector's choice book list and my 2 years of dedicated hunting and reading begun.  one list went to another,  i was assured then that all i wanted was to be a literary bum.  that was another story though.

here are my all time favorite thinker whose words inspired my every aspects of life.

her muses

i spent a good hour typing who, what, why and deleted them when i realized that i should probably do another blog on the soliloquy.  to keep it simple, they are: leonardo da vinci, aristotle, hilaire belloc, st thomas aquinas, dante, king david, homer, william faulkner, james joyce and shakespeare.  of course i adore other stories and writers, like evidently the merchant of marvels and the peddler of dreams or on seeing the 100% perfect girl on a beautiful april morning...these are the brilliant ones with unsurpassed beautiful minds.

i never actually realized the detail of my design unless i blog them.  look at that stamped flower on top of aristotle's head, why is it popping up, and why is the vitruvian man scroll looks as if it's knocking his head.  i like leonardo's thinking cap though, it's a watch machine.

the majestic michelangelo's king david whose psalms are the most beautiful writings we have to read. the key is meant to be his kinnor.

 and dances to the lyric of time

hmmm...i will add that line to the back of the board.

added picture:

rather jam packed perhaps, but it serves the purpose—the end justifies the mean , so i'm still good with it.


Lia said...


Ria said...

The reading you did back then and the album you did just now was both IMPRESSIVE.
It certainly served you good memories of your precious muse, and all the details you took time to put in it are indeed soulful.

Dewie.Rha said...

I love everything about vintage..Nice 2 thumbs up!