Thursday, July 15, 2010

summer cha 2010 breakthrough tool

unarguably the greatest ad that has ever been created is "1984", a tv commercial introducing apple macintosh personal computer during the superbowl. 

nineteen eighty-four, george orwell, dystopia, the big brother, but most importantly...the birth of mac. it's brilliant period.  a genius unsurpassed by any apple products combined.  btw my first computer was macintosh II 20mb with a color screen and it was a major style then.  it cost me almost $7,000 in 1988, not including the b/w hp printer...not that you asked.

 mac 128k introduced in 1984

what gives?  now, if you're done laughing, we can go on to what i consider the most innovative scrapbooking tool ever...
teresa collins stampmaker

this tool basically let you create your own stamps and stencils endlessly (until we brake it perhaps) in a heart beat.  look at how detail those stamps are. teresa has shown what we could do with it and a video questions she's been receiving about the product.  if you catch my drift, you should by now begin to imagine the endless possibilities this tool could do. if you haven't and have difficulty imagining so, compare it to the mac.  unlike my mac II which i used about 27 times, teresa said the suggested retail price is merely US$169.99.  don't worry, i rewind it and listened twice to make sure my hearing is working properly, and the refill packages of various sizes are...whatever, they're reasonable.  i's so going to get it.  hopefully it will hit retail by next month.

additional thought the morning after...

now that the adrenalin is back to normal and i've slept on it, i'm no longer keen on buying this tool.  i'm quite sure the second generation will include the laser precision printer it needs.  that would be handy.  without the printer, i might as well skip the tool and do the stamps using regular bulb.  still, many thanks to teresa for  opening up information on dyo polymer stamps.  should one day i feel the need to make my own stamps, i will start calculating the most cost effective way.  for now, i just buy the designs i need or like.

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