Thursday, July 08, 2010

i hope you dance ~ giveaway

what comes around goes here's my 1st blog giveaway in celebration of the craft gifts i received this week.

i present you...i hope you dance carousel mini album kit inspired by lee ann womack's signature song...if you don't already know it, it's a narration of a mother's wishes to her children, in the case of this album, a daughter or you.

i hope you never lose your sense of wonder
you get your fill to eat
but always keep that hunger
may you never take one single breath for granted
god forbid love ever leave you empty handed
i hope you still feel small
when you stand by the ocean
whenever one door closes, i hope one more opens
promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance

and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
i hope you dance
i hope you dance

i hope you never fear those mountains in the distance
never settle for the path of least resistance
living might mean taking chances
but they're worth taking
lovin' might be a mistake
but it's worth making
don't let some hell bent heart
leave you bitter
when you come close to selling out
give the heavens above
more than just a passing glance

and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
i hope you dance
(time is a real and constant motion always)
i hope you dance
(rolling us along)
i hope you dance
(tell me who)
i hope you dance
(wants to look back on their youth and wonder)
(where those years have gone) 


beautiful song, beautiful lyrics, beautifully covered by the country songstress carrie underwood, the soulful gladys knights, ronan keating, danny gokey and others. 

i used mostly k & company hopscotch girl and doll house collections throughout.  i fancied the company so much that i have everything, i mean everything, they made since the beginning up to prior ek success acquirement.

now, i better lay out a few disclaimers this project needs:
  • the skeleton of this album was supposed to be just a mock up.  i was to do another one once i figured the structure.  albeit i found out that i'm going to be occupied for the rest of the week.  so i tried to make it work in one sitting with the disruption of max kept tugging me and when i ignored him, being a beagle he decided to scrap along. he is a master of trimming and today he abruptly learned to fold papers, before he figured his masterpiece served better function as another cozy lounge rather than artwork.
  • the making memory ready-to-glitter stickers i used in the cover wouldn't hold the glitter.  so i layered it with glue and glitter, leaving me with a glittery beagle and wiggly alphabets.
  • i couldn't get the pictures right, not that i usually could anyway.  i laid them in a lovely composition and the picture turned out rather foggy.  so i wrote this up and thought i would reshoot in the morning. turned out, the sky showered wildly.  in the afternoon i didn't have time to find the right spot to get the shadow right, nor time to do editing and decided to use whatever is there as is.
  • i purposely left it as is so you could continue to customized it to your own story, thus i include the goodies.
all for my excuse of the album being rather dodgy, let alone its rather corny cover.  it's paw-made!  just kidding...  it's still made with my best intentions though.

so much for the blah and the blah, here we go...

the carousel mini album

the extra goodies for you to work on your story

hopefully it's acceptable to your liking.  anyone can play of course.  to win it, just leave me a comment bellow and tell me which artist covers your favorite rendition of the song.

added info:
i'll announce winner on july 18.  thank you for reminding me, ria.  newbie here :)


Arumdati Wardhani said...

Colette, I'd like to play with that carousel album. Very inspirative. If I dont win, then teach me how to make it.. :)

Ria said...

Oooooh, the album is so sweeeeet! That giveaway will surely brighten up my daughter's room, Colette... *wink
(and I am still laughing out loud thinking about glittery Max and his tail....)

Beautiful lyric....beautiful song indeed.
Always a Carrie Underwood fan..and her video made me teary. But Gladys Knight powerful voice is the one I choose if I have to give this song to be heard by my daughter, which someday I surely will.

I am seriously pray for the give away.......

ami said...

Collete..lagunya menyentuh sekali..dan melihat carousellnya..seolah aku diajak u masuk di dalamnya..dan imajinasiku melayang jauh...i love it!

liasutra said...

You are totally taking scrapbook in a higher level and a new meaning for me too. I never knew that a single song can be such inspiration to this hobby. The song literally brings me to tears. Not to mention the beautiful creation. You are awesome!

busy bee said...

ahhh, such a pretty album.
If i win, This carousel album will be the cutest stuff and will fit in my scrap desk perfectly (no scrap room yet, but there will be..someday).
If somebody else win, i'm sure this pretty carousel album will make them sooo happy :)

devimphie said...

mba colletee :)

i want to dance...
i want to dance...
i want to dance with carrie underwood..
i want to dance by carried your carousel album..


try to push my another luck for this giveaway..



patricekur said...

wah, cantiknya, totally awesome :)
same with mbak Dhani, if i dont win, then ill ask u to teach yaaa... hehehe.... :)


Dear Colette,

Let me in with my fav Gladys Knight...Hope III winnnnnn!!! *wink

Debbie said...

You are so creative! This is the first time I have seen a carousel album! The colors are perfect for holding those precious pictures of a little girl.
My favorite for I Hope You Dance is Ronan Keating. Love the sultry voice he has. It's hard to pick someone over the original artist.
Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful album!

Dewie.Rha said...

Dear Collete..lovely giveaway..I cross my finger for it..I hope I win it

TheRaLeA said...

"living might mean taking chances
but they're worth taking
lovin' might be a mistake
but it's worth making
don't let some hell bent heart
leave you bitter
when you come close to selling out
give the heavens above
more than just a passing glance"

this is my fav words of the song..
really love carrie underwood's voice

and yet you are beyond imagination mba colette..always be my inspiration..
and all the details in every layouts, every albums you made
always a 'jaw dropped'
love it very much...

ina said...

mendadak pingsan, eh blum komen...kerennyaaaaaaaa....pengsan lagi...